General information

Team support

Team leaders may address their questions and problems to the organizers. The easiest way to do it, is to move to the information desk.  The dog handlers will be given parking permissions at the team leader meeting.
The dog handler must enter the license plate number of the car, as well as mobile telephone number on the parking permission and they have to leave their personal drawing time-schedule open behind the window of the car..

First aid and veterinary services

First aid and veterinary services are available at the Veterinary Clinic Althea, about 10-15 minutes by car from stadium.
Find the way by using the Google maps.

Identity control of the dogs

The identity control of the will be by reading the microchip after each discipline has been finished at the dog handlers exit at the stadium as well as in the tracking field by the judge/representative of organizer. The controllers have an ISO standard approved microchip reading device.

If for some reason another type of chip is implanted, then the team leader must bring the appropriate device with him/her. 

Catering at the Stadium and tracking field

There are catering services at the stadium and also in the tracking fields. Also drinking spots are available for the dogs.


The schedule has been prepared so, that at the stadium the groups of 6 for obedience and protection work will be alternated. Participants that do not report 15 minutes before the beginning of their discipline will be disqualified. All dog handlers will be given a schedule.


If a dog is disqualified in one discipline, then the dog cannot start in the other remaining disciplines.