The protection work will take place at the fenced big grass field at the stadium in Malý Lapáš. The running direction is from the right to the left out of the view from covered seats. The first send out for searching the blinds goes to the right. The required markings for handler and helper will be made according to the IPO rules. The decoys will work according to the rules and the protection work should be done according the rules, too.

The dog handler can wear light sportive clothing and must wear his starting-/catalogue-no.

Security check entrance

About 15 minutes before the planned starting time of a team, the team leader has to report at the security check point (handler's entrance) that the team is ready to start. Then the collar, which the dog wears will be controlled.

In case a handler is not present at least 15 minutes in advance to the start he will be disqualified. The identity will be controlled after the finished protection work at the handler's exit.

Protection work helpers

The helpers who will be assigned and the substitute helpers will be selected. The helpers have to use the protection clothing, (sleeve, jacket and trousers).

Protection clothing

The helpers wear their own protection work clothes.

Hiding places for protection work

The blinds are standard movable protection work tents. They will be removed from the performance ground during the obedience, their locations are marked each.