Tracking field

The tracking work will be performed on fields (acres) or spring-crop. For all participants the terrain should be equal.
The tracking fields are in a wide agricultural terrain. 

Laying of the tracks

The laying of tracks is done in normal walk. The corners will not be marked. The start of the track is not heavily tread. Replacement tracks will be layed. 

Objects on track

The articles are made of

  • Leather
  • Wood
  • Carpet / Textile

The signpost and articles will be provided by the organizers. 
Sending of articles before the event to teams is not intended.

Tracking pattern and length

According to regulations the length of the track will be about 600 paces in IPO3 and about 300 paces in IPO1. Shortening of the tracks is not intended. The tracklayers of IPO3 do have a lot of experience and will be supervised by the responsible person for the tracks. The tracking patterns will vary according IPO regulations. 

Transportation to the tracking fields / Control of the tracking leashes

The participants will drive with their own vehicles, leaded by a guide to the specified meeting point.
The tracking leash will be controlled for correct length and the leash will be marked.
The tracking can only be performed with this marked leash.
After this procedure the team-leaders and handlers will be guided to the tracking fields.